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THE DAILY MAIL: New documentary that chronicles the behind-the-scenes creation of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum

US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT: 9/11 Museum to Retool Its Research Rules After Criticism

NY TIMES: At 9/11 museum, site of today’s memorial, controversies past and present.

NY POST: 9/11 Museum slams ‘The Outsider’ documentary for ‘damaging’ its reputation

NEW YORK MAGAZINE: August 26, 2021: “The 9/11 Museum and Its Discontents A new documentary goes inside the battles that have riven the institution.” By David Klion

THE DAILY BEAST: 9/11 Museum Co-Founder Wanted It to Be Critical of America’s Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

TIME MAGAZINE: August 19, 2021: “The Outsider Unpacks the Controversy Behind the National September 11 Museum and Memorial” by Sanya Masoor

AUDACY: August 18, 2021: “LISTEN: Director of 9/11 doc 'The Outsider' on battle to build NYC's 9/11 Memorial & Museum” by Dempsey Pillot

DEADLINE: August 19, 2021: “‘The Outsider’ 9/11 Documentary To Be Facebook’s First Paid Global Film Premiere; Debuts Today” by Jill Goldsmith

THE ART NEWSPAPER: August 19, 2021: “Institutionalizing 9/11: The Outsider documents Ground Zero museum’s contentious formation in Facebook premiere” by David D’Arcy

ASSOCIATED PRESS: August 18, 2021: “Film bares disputes behind construction of 9/11 museum” by David Bauder

THE ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION: August 18, 2021: “Film bares disputes behind construction of 9/11 museum” by David Bauder

FORWARD: August 18, 2021: “In Facebook’s first documentary, a self-taught photography expert becomes an unlikely 9/11 hero” by Simi Horwitz 

PATCH: August 18, 2021: “Director Steve Rosenbaum Talks THE OUTSIDER: 9/11 IS A WORLD OF QUESTIONS on SOUNDS OF FILM” by Tom Needham 

THE WASHINGTON TIMES: August 12, 2021: “Facebook’s ‘The Outsider’ chronicles 9/11 museum’s rocky start” by James Varney

DIGITAL CINEMA REPORT: August 9, 2021: “Abramorama Releasing The Outsider on Facebook” by Nick Dager

AD WEEK: August 5, 2021: “Documentary The Outsider to Be the First Film to Premiere as a Paid Online Event on Facebook” by David Cohen

TECH STORY: August 5, 2021: “Facebook to host a paid documentary premiere this month” by Chhavideep Singh

BUSINESS INSIDER: August 3, 2021: “Facebook's first-ever movie premiere is a controversial 9/11 documentary” by Hannah Towey

ENGADGET: August 3, 2021: “Facebook will host a paid movie premier this month” by K. Holt

AXIOS: August 3, 2021: “Exclusive: Facebook’s first-ever paid movie premiere” by Sara Fischer

NY 1: August 2, 2021: “New Documentary highlights tensions at 9/11 Memorial & Museum” by Jillian Jorgensen

WOMEN AND HOLLYWOOD: July 29, 2021: “August 2021 Film Preview” by Mercedes Gonzales-Bazen and Divyani Sharma

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: July 22 2021: “9/11 Film Faceoff Producers vow not to cave to ‘censorship’ by museum” by Graham Rayman

USA TODAY: July 22, 2021: “15 must-see documentaries this summer, including Val Kilmer, Alvin Ailey and 'The Lost Leonardo'” by Patrick Ryan.

REAL SCREEN: June 17, 2021: “Abramorama acquires global rights to 9/11 museum doc, “The Outsider” by Andrew Jeffrey

VARIETY: July 8th 2021 ‘The Outsider’ Trailer: Watch an Exclusive on the Making of the 9/11 Museum


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