“The 9/11 Museum won’t be happy with this film, a no-holds-barred view of how the institution hijacked history. The Outsider is a film that is gripping and insightful. Rosenbaum/Yoder have taken us to a place that only they could get access to, and now they’re sharing it with the world. This film is an important and incisive look at 9/11 on the 20th Anniversary.”

Michael Wolff / Author: Landslide

“ A powerful, disturbingly informative look from the inside of the Memorial preparation. A must-see for any 9/11 family and survivor. Mr. Rosenbaum methodically takes us through the process that went on and as a fly on the wall. I could not stop opening my mouth with surprises.”

William Rodriguez / Survivor / Last person to exit the WTC on 9/11     

“The Outsider” powerfully unpacks the vision, challenges, questions, conflicts and emotions that went into creating a space and a narrative that reflect the complicated feelings that Americans – and the world – still have about 9/11. 

Bruno Giussani / Global curator of TED Conferences


  • Twenty Years after 9/11 – America is ready to ask hard questions. The Rosenbaum/Yoder Film – The Outsider – is an exteriorly look into the design, curation, and construction of the National 9/11 Memorial Museum. It’s a journey you won’t soon forget.
  • The Outsider is what a documentary is meant to be. Amazing acess, a story that matters, and a protaganist that is willing to fight a hard battle. 9/11 is a story that isn’t over.
  • The Outsider takes audienes a journey they’ll never forget.
  • 9/11 is a story of unanswered questions. The filmmaking due of Rosenbaum/Yoder have found a story that breaks September 11th wide open.
  • If you have ever wondered whay the 9/11 Musuem is undground, this film will prove it’s more than a metaphore.
  • My friends, the filmmaking due of Rosenbaum/Yode have deadicated their lives to telling the truth about 9/11. Their latest film, The Outsider – will have you asking