“The 9/11 Museum won’t be happy with this film, a no-holds-barred view of how the institution hijacked history. The Outsider is a film that is gripping and insightful. Rosenbaum/Yoder have taken us to a place that only they could get access to, and now they’re sharing it with the world. This film is an important and incisive look at 9/11 on the 20th Anniversary.”

Michael Wolff / Author: Landslide

I just finished watching the film.  I think “The Outsider” tells an important story about how difficult it was to complete this memorial to a terrible moment of great loss.  I grieved when I first went thru the memorial with 4 adolescent boys who did not want to leave and I grieved again when I watched your film.  No one who worked to make this memorial a reality is defamed by “The Outsider”.  I like and admire all of them more after watching what they did.

Bob Kerrey / United States Senator / Member: The 9/11 Commission

“ A powerful, disturbingly informative inside look from the inside of the Memorial preparation. A must see for any 9/11 family and survivor. Mr. Rosenbaum methodically takes us through the process that went on and as a fly on the wall I could not stop opening my mouth with surprises.”

William Rodriguez / Survivor / Last person to exit the WTC on 9/11     

“The Outsider” powerfully unpacks the vision, challenges, questions, conflicts and emotions that went into creating a space and a narrative that reflect the complicated feelings that Americans – and the world – still have about 9/11. 

Bruno Giussani / Global curator of TED Conferences

As we look at the impact of Donald Trump on our democracy  – both past and future – it’s important to know that the changes in how our Government treats its citizens began on 9/11. It was int he aftermath of that terrible day that we saw the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Patriot Act chip away at privacy and free speech. The Rosenbaum/Yoder doc – The Outsider, is full of shocking truths about how the National 9/11 Museum set out to highjack History – and replace free speech with what is certainly censorship. Watch the trailer for yourself and decide: TheOutsiderSept11.com

Brian Karem / White House Reporter / Playboy

“911 is a world of unresolved issues. Information was not seen, and was not understood, and was misinterpreted by our government. The terrorist attacks the de-stabilize this country. The story of September 11 is the story of this country trying to find it self again.”

Michael Shulan, Creative Director / The National 911 Memorial & Museum\

“As a historian, I love the film. I found it fascinating on many levels, and I was astounded how it indicates that important decisions, like the words used to describe the motives of al-Qaeda, were made without experts at the table. The September 11 Museum is perhaps the national cultural institution with the greatest pull on the American mind, and anyone interested in the power of imagery and ideas should see this.”

Todd Fine / Historian of Lower Manhattan