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9/11 Museum’s 20th-Anniversary Exhibitions Become Victims of Cuts

Critics say the museum keeps too tight a rein on the story.
A forthcoming documentary, “The Outsider,” which will be released online in August, recalls the conflicts among museum executives and includes six years of footage from private meetings in which some leaders were critical of Greenwald’s approach to codifying history.

Created by the filmmakers Pamela Yoder and Steven Rosenbaum, the film discusses the unusual restrictions on protests and demonstrations throughout the museum site. (“You can’t sing. At a site celebrating freedom and liberty, protests and demonstrations are prohibited,” Michael Kimmelman wrote in The Times in 2014.)

The documentarians, who in 2009 donated more than 500 hours of archival recordings from 9/11, one of the museum’s biggest gifts, say their understanding was that scholars would be free to access the archives. The filmmakers say researchers are asked to sign a contract that gives the museum the right to review and reject scholars’ papers before publication. (The museum said its research consent form gives it “the right to conduct an advance review of a publication’s ‘portrayal of the information’ to ensure accuracy.”)

Lawyers representing the institution recently requested that the documentarians remove 36 clips from “The Outsider,” which the museum described as “inaccuracies and distortions.”

“If somebody is going to be loose with the facts, then it’s going to be called out,” Greenwald, the chief executive, said. “There is a desire to make sure the institution is presented correctly.”
The filmmakers have resisted their suggestions. “Their decision has been to codify, control and limit,” said Rosenbaum.

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