The assets of “The Outsider” as a non-fiction documentary series comes from our legacy of work around the subject. When I found myself standing on the roof of my company, I watched as the second plane hit the south tower. The decision to face the attacks at the World Trade Center would result in two things, a film “Seven Days in September,” and The  CameraPlanet Archive, the largest collection of 9/11 footage in the world.

The Archive needed a historic home, and the World Trade Center Memorial and Museum needed a founding archive. We donated the museum rights to the Memorial, and in exchange was granted complete, unfettered access to the site and our characters. 

For 7 years we shot, every week, throughout the site. 

We were there every week. Cameras rolling, as historians fought, debated, and challenged the very nature of what history would remember. Today we have an extraordinary 670 hours of verite material in addition to the 500 hours of the CameraPlanet Archive.

There is no one better able to tell this untold story. The material is literally irreplaceable and unseen.