Karol Martesko-Fenster

Karol Martesko-Fenster has a 25-year track record in the motion picture, broadcasting, publishing and Internet industries. He has produced 6 feature films, 25 television and satellite broadcast music programs, and he co-founded indieWIRE.com, FILMMAKER Magazine, RES Magazine and the media content enterprises cinelan.com and Condition ONE. Previously, Karol was SVP&GM / Film & Animation at Babel Networks US, Head of Film at Palm Pictures, President of RES Media Group and President/Publisher of Silicon Alley Reporter. Karol is also executive producer on Phil Cox’s THE BENGALI DETECTIVE, James Allen Smith’s FLOORED, JJ King and Peter Mann’s DARK FIBRE, and he is collaborating with Harry Belafonte and Michael Cohl on SING YOUR SONG.

Michael Cascio

Specialist in documentaries, factual entertainment and TV programming, now advising networks, producers and organizations. EVP and SVP with four Emmys, two Oscar nominations and a “Producer of the Year” award. Adjunct Professor, American University School of Communication. Guest speaker on media trends. Writer, including Sunday New York Times article on how experience as a janitor led to a career in media 

Evan Schaprio

Evan Shapiro is an Emmy and Peabody Award winner, having produced or created more than 150 television series, specials, documentaries and podcasts, including Portlandia, Comedy Bang Bang, Please Like Me, Harmonquest, This Film Is Not Yet Rated, Funny Women of A Certain Age and Brick City. He is also a Professor for Media Studies at NYU/Stern School Of Business and Fordham University.

Joe Cantwell 

Joe Cantwell is an entrepreneur, investor and independent film & TV producer based in Washington, D.C.. He serves as strategic advisor to Abramorama LLC, working closely with the founder and management team to broaden the company’s digital services and products, partnerships, and I.P. portfolio.

His current docuseries project The Outsider will be released in late 2021. Joe’s previous documentary films and series include the award-winning feature Ride The Divide, We The Economy, and Grass Roots.

Cantwell was a senior executive at Authentic Entertainment, Starz Entertainment, AOL and Bravo Networks, where he was a founding executive of the Independent Film Channel (IFC). His consumer media services have earned Emmy nominations and numerous industry awards. He is an advisory board member of the Alexandria and DocuWest film festivals. Joe holds a Bachelor’s degree from Barry University in Miami, Fla. and a MBA from the University of Chicago.